A New Flora and Fauna from the Monongahela Group Upper Pennsylvanian of Doddridge County, WV.

E. Ray Garton, Zack Heck, Sam Benson, Robert L Pyle


Siderite and shale nodules from the Monongalia Group Upper Pennsylvanian of Doddridge County, WV have produce a flora and fauna similar to the Mazon Creek, IL Lagerstatte. Hundreds of specimens have yielded a flora of mostly individual pinnules of Neuropteris, Pecopteris and Alethopteris species. A few dozen nodules have yielded a fauna of Paleocaris Order: (Decapoda) an unidentified horseshoe crab (Order: Xiphosura) and some other unidentified but presumed insects. This new locality is stratigraphically higher than the Mazon Creek flora and fauna.


fossil, mazon creek, West Virginia

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