WVAS Membership

To become a WVAS member, please fill out the WVAS Membership Application Form and email it to the WVAS Treasurer and Secretary. Submit payment through PayPal below or by mailing a check to the address on the form.

Membership categories:

  • $35/year - regular membership
  • $20/year - student membership
  • $400 - lifetime membership
  • $250/year - institutional/corporate membership¹
  • FREE - emeritus membership (elected)²

¹Contact the WVAS Treasurer James Walters for the Institutional Membership option (up to ten attendees), with an email heading “WVAS institutional/corporate membership for ___”. Please provide your institution's name in the heading and list the names of those attending within the body text.

²If you are retired and have been a regular member of the Academy for at least 15 years, you are eligible for Emeritus Membership. Emeritus members are exempt from further payment of dues but retain all rights of regular membership. To apply, do not purchase a membership. Send a written request to the WVAS Treasurer, James Walters. Emeritus status is conferred by majority vote the Executive Committee in accordance with Section I, Paragraph 4 of the WVAS By-Laws.

Membership Type