WVAS Annual Meeting Detailed Information



Information for Presenters:

Poster Presentations: Please bring a cardboard trifold to use as a backer to your poster. Posters will be hung up but will need support to keep from rolling up. Please bring stickpins. Posters can be no bigger than 48” wide. Poster hanging space is limited. If you exceed this width you may have to cut your poster or allow the neighboring poster to cover it. Posters can be placed before 9am, after 10am, or before 2pm. We ask no one place their posters during the Keynote presentation. Posters will be placed in the McKeever Lodge breezeway.

Podium Presentations:
Please bring your presentation saved as a PowerPoint Presentation on a flash drive. You will be presenting from a Windows computer and presentations formatted for other operating sysems may not function properly. We cannot guarantee that the room will have sound.
Please arrive to your presentation room 5-10 minutes before that session begins. The moderator will upload your presentation to the computer and open all presentations. Podium presentations will take place as indicated in the sessions program. Presentations should be 12 minutes with 3 minute Q&A.


Resort Map:

Map of Fairmont State University Campus