Implementation of "E-Learning modules-entrepreneurial mindset in engineering" to Foster Teaching and Learning Environment at WVU Tech

Yogendra M Panta, Kenan Hatipoglu


We implemented “E-Learning Modules” developed by Tagliatela College of Engineering, University of New Haven and The Kern Entrepreneurial Engineering Network (KEEN) to foster an entrepreneurial mindset in engineering students. Out of the twelve currently available E-Learning modules, we deployed one specific module, “Building, sustaining and leading effective teams and establishing performance goals” in a mechanical engineering course to develop effective team work skills in their semester projects. In the last two Annual Meetings of the WV Academy of Science, we presented about “demonstration based learning environment” and “active learning pedagogies.” Demonstration based activities create curiosity and motivation “by seeing,” whereas active learning environment foster the teaching and learning process “by doing.” Similar to these experiences, the implementation of “Building, sustaining and leading effective teams and establishing performance goals” help to better engagement of students in teamwork with an entrepreneurial mindset. Last year, the E-learning module was integrated into semester project of a regular course “MAE 331 Fluid Mechanics.” The semester projects were made highly interactive requiring to have a weekly progress report followed by a systematic class room discussion. The modules’ supplementary resources were guided by the instructor in the class and then made accessible to the students through blackboard.  Overall, student teams effectively utilized the module materials for team formation, work division, conflict resolution, team performance plan, and evaluation. In the future, the module is planned to be customized and deployed as it fits in other courses.


Engineering, Teaching Pedagogy

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