Faculty-Student Engagement Best Practices

Renaud Emmanuel Stauber


RENAUD STAUBER, Dept of Mathematics, Physics and Computer Science, Davis and Elkins College, WV 26241.  Faculty-Student Engagement Best Practices.

A network improvement community associated with the First2 Network is looking at ways to improve faculty-student engagement, particularly as it relates to improving STEM persistence in rural first-generation college students.  In particular, we are evaluating two of the change ideas that have been proposed with the “plan-do-study-act” (PDSA) methodology.  One idea has to do with broadening participation through engagement in the college’s Maker Space.  The other investigates one way to apply Saundra McGuire’s learning skills interventions as outlined in her book “Teach Students How to Learn.”  The results of the first were not encouraging, with fewer than six students participating in weekly workshop sessions.  The second yielded 15% exam grade improvements when compared with the prior year when the interventions were not performed.  In both cases the sample size was too small to be considered statistically meaningful, but the PDSAs provide some anecdotal evidence to be considered by other community members in their own classrooms and as a basis for further iterations of the change ideas.   


MakerSpace; metacognition

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