Application of ACUE module "Embedding Career Guidance Into Your Course" at WVU Tech

Yogendra M Panta, Kenan Hatipoglu


At WVU Tech (West Virginia University Institute of Technology), we employed a teaching module “Embedding career guidance into your course” developed by ACUE (American College and University Educators). In addition, we presented positive outcomes from the implementation of other ACUE module “Developing students’ career-ready skills” that enhances students’ readiness for professional career upon their graduation.  Embedding career guidance into teaching courses relate and equip students’ readiness with the necessary skillsets they need to be successful in their professional career. Through the ACUE module, we learned how to guide students in searching majors, internships/co-op opportunities, and other career options; facilitate opportunities for students to network with alumni and upper-level students; and make a meaningful relevance of course learning outcomes to students’ future goals. Although materials and resource development are still ongoing, we have begun the pilot implementation of this ACUE module into our campus through our primary roles as department- or, program-specific academic advisors. Our first implementation of this module and the outcomes were highly encouraging to be able to provide rich knowledge about myriad of options available selecting elective courses and engineering majors. These interactions with students led to experience their satisfactions in our new approach of advisement that turned to be more effective. We plan to get involved more so that students realize the relevance of course learning outcomes to their future goals.


Engineering, Engineering Pedagogy, Career

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