2020 WVAS Meeting is cancelled


WVAS Meeting Cancelation


WVAS Members,


We have decided with heavy heart that the meeting for this year needs to be cancelled. The COVID pandemic has disrupted our lives and families and now our WVAS is affected as well. We want to insure the safety of our membership. You are the essential members behind WVAS and we hope you and your families are well.


Our Mission: Our members know that each objective finding, peer reviewed and published, is a brick with which human progress is built. Our foundations of knowledge are relied upon most by the lay public in troubling times. The WVAS is committed to that mission and we will continue to serve West Virginia beyond this disruption. We thank you for the support of your membership.


Our challenge: As with many other disruptions your WVAS and PWVAS is affected by rational closures and applied science to ensure safety. As a small conference we rely completely on meeting registrations to meet our expenses for the Proceeding of the WVAS and the next year’s meeting. These costs include website domain fee, digitizing the journal, printing conference materials, and membership drives. For instance, in order to modernize the Proceedings our DOI Registration Agency collects metadata, assigns DOI names, and offers other services such as reference linking or metadata lookup. Your WVAS Officers are volunteers and 100% of monies go to making the conferences and the journal better.


What you can do to help is simple. If you have paid your registration fee for this Year’s meeting, please leave it with the WVAS towards the 2021 meeting. This will allow us to use the capital to keep running until next year.


What we will do. We will keep your registration recorded and you will be automatically registered for next year. Your abstract will remain available on the PWVAS website for your records and reporting. The designation one would use would be “abstract published in the 2020 Proceedings of the WVAS”. For the 2021 meeting, you will be able to upload another abstract.


In Summary, your options are:

  1. Sit tight: Leave your registration fee with WVAS until next year. This is the option and will ensure that the meeting next year happens smoothly. We are still committed to a great meeting.
  2. Backsies: Ask for your money back. We can refund money from the PayPal accounts. Please e-mail our Treasurer Dr. Puckett at charles.puckett@southernwv.edu for instructions. Please have your PayPal receipt available.
  3. Essential Work Here: Be an Essential Member by turning your registration fee into a tax-deductible donation. Here, constancy is the difference between homeostasis and entropy. Essential Members will be highlighted at the next meeting because you make it happen. Please e-mail our Treasurer, Dr. Puckett at charles.puckett@southernwv.edu for instructions.
  4. Step Up: You can make a new donation to WVAS to help your Academy weather this challenge. This is every member’s Academy. There are students who are just starting their journey and there are those of us who can lend an extra hand now that we are established. Donors will be honored for answering this call to action on the webpage and at the 2021 meeting’s Award Ceremony. You can donate via PayPal at the link on the WVAS homepage: https://pwvas.org/index.php/pwvas/pages/view/WVAS


Keeping the Momentum: Next Year’s Meeting will be April 10, 2021 at Fairmont State University. The Planning Committee and the Administration of Fairmont State have agreed to host the WVAS meeting in 2021. This fortunate result allows us to take advantage of the planning already in place. Send a kind thought their way; the Fairmont team has been working mightily for WVAS.



Keep supporting science. Keep your momentum.




James Walters, Ph.D.

President, WVAS