System Administration and Database Administration in Cloud Computing Era




Cloud Computing, System Administration, Database Administration


The ever-changing nature of IT demands a changing role for both system administrators and database administrators. Being system admin personnel will require more knowledge, broader skillset, and more tools on hand to be able to adapt to the cloud computing culture. The cloud computing has changed the way for IT Operations. The future system administrator will thus have to help configure, implement and manage the applications that run on cloud platforms.

   The same thing happens to database administrators as well. The role of DBAs will shift to cloud DBAs, and adding to their responsibilities will manage the cloud based database and NoSQL databases in serverless settings. Cloud DBAs will have to deal with data protection and play a key role in providing data compatibility across the cloud platforms and maybe migrating data storage from one cloud service provider to another. In short DBAs role moved from tactical infrastructure caretakers towards a more strategic role of being an advisor for other developers.

   In this poster, we describe changes of roles of system administrators and database administrators in the era of cloud computing.

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Weidong Liao, Shepherd University

Associate Professor of Computer and Information Sciences




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Liao, W., Ashiq, A., & Guzide, O. (2019). System Administration and Database Administration in Cloud Computing Era. Proceedings of the West Virginia Academy of Science, 91(1).



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