Creating Python Algorithms to Mimic R Functions from the R Stats Package




R, Python


While R and Python are the most used languages within Data Analytics, the differences between them are becoming less polarized as it is now possible to complete the same tasks using both. A Python library developed from analyzing original R source code would help users cross-reference between both platforms. To design the Python algorithms, pseudocode was produced from registering the source code of different R stats functions. A Python test case was generated that would input result textfiles from both scripts and strive to output 0 differences to check for compatibility. So far, several R functions were able to be mimicked and there is still continued work being done to expand the scripts. We hope to later integrate the R and Python scripts into a web application to better display the results.

Author Biographies

Luisely Doza, Shepherd University

Undergraduate student

Jason Rafe Miller, Shepherd University

Assistant Professor of Computer Science

Department of Computer Science, Mathematics, and Engineering




How to Cite

Doza, L., & Miller, J. R. (2019). Creating Python Algorithms to Mimic R Functions from the R Stats Package. Proceedings of the West Virginia Academy of Science, 91(1).



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