Integrating co-requisite math for STEM student success.


  • Lindsey Walck Fairmont State University
  • Amanda Smith Fairmont State University
  • Erica Harvey Fairmont State University



Gateway math courses can be a major hurdle for students to get over in order to continue on with their majors, especially STEM majors. Previously, students could have taken up to four semesters of remedial math before being able to place into the first gateway math course needed for their major. With Math Support, students no longer have to take those remedial courses; the remediation is built in to the course in addition to the regular level content. These co-requisite courses allow students to start into their major courses much sooner than in the past, therefore allowing them to stay on track in their major and finish successfully.

   Attendees will be given an overview of Math Support at Fairmont State. Developmental math courses have been replaced with co-requisite and accelerated learning models. All students can now progress through gateway courses within their first year, regardless of test scores. Gateway courses are offered with additional support to aid students in learning and understanding and fill in any gaps. Fairmont State was one the first colleges in WV to offer these services at full-scale. Initial data reports show students who took a Math Support course completed the course successfully at the same rate as students in non-support courses. More data will be reported.




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Walck, L., Smith, A., & Harvey, E. (2021). Integrating co-requisite math for STEM student success. Proceedings of the West Virginia Academy of Science, 93(1).